Just Released from the City of Victor:

Looking for something to take your mind off of your self-quarantine? How about taking some time to help your city grow?

The City of Victor has been updated its transportation and growth policies and the process has not stopped due to COVID-19. The vast majority of content in these plans will be based on what we hear from you, our community members. Now is the perfect time to be active in this plan update and to have your voice heard.

 The resiliency of our community during this crisis has been nothing short of inspiring. We hope that we can continue some of that passion and energy well into the future by contributing to Victor’s plan update. Find out how you can shape your community’s future by visiting the website for the plan update at reenvisionvictor.com. While you’re there, check out the Document Library under the About section of the website. There, you’ll find the results of the past survey and the results of the current survey so far. And please, spread the word to your friends and neighbors as best as you can during these interesting times.

For many of us, the way our community has responded to COVID-19 reminds us why we love Victor. If you love Victor too, we’d love to know why. Most of all, we want to know what we can do to make you love it even more. So please, take this chance to tell us.

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